Loofah Soap – Refreshing Charcoal detox soap – 100g

R45.00 R35.00



Pamper yourself with a Luxurious Hand made loofah soap infused with essential oils and Embedded with a Natural Loofah for added exfoliation.

All our SA Essential oils Loofah soaps are 100% natural, With no artificial chemicals, colourants or dyes. The Loofah Soaps are vegan-friendly and Made with Vegetable Glycerine.

*’Even the packaging is Eco-friendly. Made from cornstarch which is a renewable resource, our PLA bags serve as a superior eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags.


Refreshing detox soap – Is Infused with Peppermint, Lemongrass & Teatree essential oils, moisturising Tamanu nut oil, and it also contains detoxifying properties of Activated Charcoal.


• Our soap is chemical-free – made only with coconut oil and vegetable glycerine.
• Our soap has no added chemicals and is SLES free.
• Our soap is 100% vegan – and vegetarian.
• Our soap is hypoallergenic, excellent for all types of skins.
• Our soap is delicate enough for babies and skin disorders.
• Our soap lathers, moisturises and washes beautifully.


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