Agarwood / Oud oil (Aquilaria agallocha) – 11ml

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Agarwood Essential Oil Benefits and Use

Natural Sleeping Aid
Try diffusing a little agarwood essential oil in your bedroom as you go to sleep. It’s incredibly relaxing and you can even mix with lavender to combine to oils that aid sleep.

Spiritually and Emotionally Balancing
Agarwood has a rich history of being used for its spiritual and emotional benefits. It’s used in ayurvedic medicine and is believed to strengthen one’s thoughts and meditation.

By inhaling directly or diffusing you can absorb the properties in the oil. Try and set the scene to relax if you’re using it to meditate or strengthen your mental focus.

Soothes Digestive Issues
Agarwood is effective at soothing digestive issues. If you suffer from trapped wind, bloating, and painful stomach cramps after eating a large meal you can find some relief with this oil.

Massage a little directly into your abdomen mixed with a carrier oil. Or relax somewhere quiet and diffuse the oil.

Nourishes and Strengthens Skin
A lot of essential oils are great for skin and with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties oud oil can help strengthen, nourish, and reduce the effects of ageing.

Add a couple of drops to unscented to make a great moisturizer, or you can make your own lotion with fractionated coconut oil.

Agarwood Essential Oil Blends Well With
Agarwood, or oud oil has a warm, woody, and rich aroma. It blends well with floral, spicy and woody oils. Try blending with some of the following:

Rose Otto

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