Standard Delivery

Standard delivery fee: The standard delivery fee for parcels sent out anywhere in South Africa is R120

If you live on a farm or outlying rural area, you do not qualify for a door-to-door courier. In this event, please use your office or work address as the delivery address – this is likely to fall to a major centre.
Try the address of a friend nearby who falls under a different postal code.
If you live on a remote farm or outlying rural area, make arrangements to have your shipment delivered to your nearest Postnet office for Counter-to-counter delivery


We make use of re-used, recycled and biodegradable packaging materials as much as we can. Where possible we re-use boxes and packing materials that we receive goods in from our suppliers.


The location of each collection or delivery is planned by the courier prior to departure to minimise distance travelled and fuel consumption. The most efficient vehicle possible is used based on the total collections and deliveries that are required in the area. Long haul handovers are done at national hubs at intervals that allow the most efficient planning for the courier, this is why we charge more, for faster delivery, and delivery to remote areas.

Delivery time:

Delivery normally takes 3-6 working days to deliver your order door-to-door or Counter to Counter (Via Postnet) Should the product not be in stock at the time the order is placed. New stock can be ordered from our warehouse within 5days and your order will be delivered by SA Essential oils within 6-10 working days.

Out of stock items: Should the product you ordered be out of stock and not available from our warehouse. SA Essential oils will contact you to discuss the matter. You can either choose to receive a full refund of the cost you paid for the item, or you can wait to be notified as soon as the back-order product is in-stock again and have the item sent to you at a later date.

Courier:  SA Essential oils predominantly makes use of The Courier Guy for door-to-door deliveries and Postnet for Counter-to-counter deliveries.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments: