How many drops of essential oil is in a bottle?

Have you ever wondered how many drops are in a bottle of Essential oil?
Well, you will be surprised.  Essential oils can go a long way.

On average there are 20 drops of Essential oil per ml.

This number may vary depending on the viscosity and thickness of the oils.


6ml bottle contains 100-120 Drops of oil

11ml bottle contains 200-250 drops of oil

22ml bottle contains 400-450 drops of oil


When using essential oils in your Ultrasonic Diffuser, you normally use 3-5 drops.

An 11ml bottle can last for 40-70 diffusions using the 3-5 drops per diffusion.

A 22ml bottle of essential oils can last for approximately 80-130 diffusions if you are using the recommend 3-5 drops per diffusion.

So a 22ml bottle of Essential oil can easily last an impressive 2-4 months depending on your use.

Have fun blending!