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How many drops of essential oil is in a bottle?

Have you ever wondered how many drops are in a bottle of Essential oil?
Well, you will be surprised.  Essential oils can go a long way.

On average there are 20 drops of Essential oil per ml.

This number may vary depending on the viscosity and thickness of the oils.


6ml bottle contains 100-120 Drops of oil

11ml bottle contains 200-250 drops of oil

22ml bottle contains 400-450 drops of oil


When using essential oils in your Ultrasonic Diffuser, you normally use 3-5 drops.

An 11ml bottle can last for 40-70 diffusions using the 3-5 drops per diffusion.

A 22ml bottle of essential oils can last for approximately 80-130 diffusions if you are using the recommend 3-5 drops per diffusion.

So a 22ml bottle of Essential oil can easily last an impressive 2-4 months depending on your use.

Have fun blending!



handmade soaps

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Treat your skin with our fabulous range of all natural, chemical-free, Handmade luxury soaps

These Luxury soaps are handmade in small batches using a traditional hot processing method. Each bar is enriched with moisturising oils and butters, leaving your skin feeling silky soft, with a radiant glow.

Our luxury soaps are eco-friendly, made from 100% natural ingredients, and contain essential oils to pamper, nourish and give your skin the natural boost it needs. They are also safe for use on sensitive skin and for septic tanks.

Here is a list and a description of our luxury handmade soaps


  • Autumn Breeze (With Lime, Sage, Lavandin & Yellow Oxide)
  • Chai Spice (With Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger, Cassia, Nutmeg, Vanilla & Turmeric)
  • Citrus Soufflé (With Orange Sweet, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Calendula Petals & Pink Kaolin Clay)
  • Detox Bar (With Spearmint, Clary sage, Rosemary, Bentonite Clay & Charcoal)
  • Earth Rose (With Patchouli, Rose, Cedarwood & Pink Kaolin Clay)
  • Jungle Fruit (With Pomegranate, Neroli, Lemongrass, Green Oxide & Brown Kaolin Clay)
  • Shampoo Bar (With Peppermint, Bergamot and Ti-tree)


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Everyday Essentials

Welcome to my blog – Everyday Essentials.

Essential oils have become a cornerstone in my life. In 2016 I was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer. Once I got over the initial shock of the diagnosis, I started doing some research into it. Only then did I realise how much toxic chemicals we actually use in our daily life.

Essential oils offer so many nutritional and health benefits that can change your life for the better. Using Essential oils are a great way to create home-made, chemical and toxin-free, products, that you can safely use in your everyday life.

I will be sharing information on the various essential oils and their benefits and uses. I’ll also be sharing Tips on how to use essential oils in your everyday life. Easy to make DIY Essential oil recipes to clean your home and to improve your health. Diffuser blends, to refresh your home. How to make your own homemade beauty products and moisturisers, scrubs and beard balms etc.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Let me know if you have any questions about essential oils. I’ll be happy to get back to you with more information, or I’ll write a blog post on the topic for you.

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